RRHB attorneys work in the capacities of special legal counsel for utilities. RRHB attorneys represent clients at all levels of the court system, both State and Federal, and before state regulatory agencies such as the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the Public Utility Commission, Railroad Commission of Texas, Texas Water Development Board, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

We counsel on municipal and utility issues including:

  • Certificates of Convenience and Necessity
  • Rates
  • Regulation and compliance issues
  • Franchise agreements
  • Right-of-way management
  • Utility operations
  • Solid waste permitting
  • Power supply agreements and other transactions
  • Formation, reorganization, mergers, and acquisitions
  • Environmental matters
  • Legislative counseling
  • Purchase contracts
  • Assistance in obtaining funding from state and federal agencies

Some of our clients include

  • Municipally owned utilities
  • Water and wastewater utilities
  • Municipal governments
  • Water supply corporations
  • Special districts
  • Private interests

Our firm also has further experience within the following utility law areas:

Water and wastewater utilities

RRHB attorneys represent municipal governments, water supply corporations,
special districts, and private utility companies concerning retail and wholesale utility rates and services. RRHB attorneys have represented our clients in the courts and before the TCEO and its predecessor agencies. Also, RRHB attorneys advise and consult with clients regarding contracts for the purchase or sale of wholesale
supplies and services.


Electric and gas franchise


For municipalities throughout the state, RRHB attorneys have advised and assisted in regard to electric franchise issues.


RRHB attorneys have vast experience in all facets of water law, including:

  • State and Federal water and wastewater permit programs
  • Environmental permits and rules
  • Permit compliance counseling and defense of enforcement actions
  • Surface water, groundwater, wastewater and reuse permits
  • Groundwater district creation and management
  • Special district creation and management
  • Water and wastewater service area disputes
  • Endangered species issues
  • Negotiation and development of raw water contracts, wholesale or retail service contracts, reuse contracts, and related agreements
  • Legislative counseling

RRHB attorneys represent municipalities, municipally owned utilities, municipal utility districts and other special law districts, water supply corporations, and individuals and private corporations engaged in regulated activities.
RRHB attorneys represent client interests in governmental forums and throughout the legislative process by:

  • Maintaining contact with officials involved in water matters at the state level
  • Participating in legislative and regulatory water policy work groups
  • Testifying before legislative committees
  • Monitoring upcoming policy issues, rules, and regulations
  • Apprising clients of upcoming, relevant changes
  • Serving on agency ad hoc committees in charge of making rules and policy


RRHB attorneys have actively assisted municipally owned utilities and municipalities before the Railroad Commission of Texas on matters related to injection well drilling and groundwater contamination.